E-Metro Tel

For many years, Nortel was, in my opionion, the top communications manufacturer in the world. They brought many great communications platforms to market. Of those products, the Norstar system was one of the most advanced, reliable and sharpest looking products available. Once they moved the platform to more of an IP/Network based system, this trend continued in the Business Communications Manager or BCM line. To this day, almost 20 years later, many of these systems are still in operation. When Avaya purchased the assets of Nortel, they eventually ended the life of these systems, with no real upgrade path.

Enter E-MetroTel. A company comprised of many ex Nortel egineers and product managers, they were able to bring new life back to the Nortel product line.

We can take your existing Norstar, BCM50, BCM200 or BCM400, upgrade some of the components and allow you to continue using all your legacy M7000 and T7000 telephones while giving you an upgrade path to all the new features available on VOIP systems of today.

Here’s a list of just some of the features available…

  • Voicemail to Email
  • Find me, Follow Me
  • Conference Bridge
  • User Control Panel
  • Unlimited IVR / Auto Attendants – great for multiple company applications
  • Call Centre
  • Call Recording
  • Works with Analogue Trunk Lines, as well as PRI circuits and SIP / VOIP Trunks
  • Combine the use of Nortel T7316 & T7208 with regular SIP Compliant telephones
  • Works with desktop, IOS and Android SIP SIP Clients

If you are looking for the new features for your existing Nortel Norstar or BCM system, please give us a call to discuss E-Metrotel in your business.